Why Custom Design?
Just as you would expect from a custom tailored suit, a custom designed house is one that is made to fit you.  

Predesigned homes limit your lifestyle to what was designed rather than encourage you to live the way you want.  Consider how your family lives, inside and outside of your home. The way in which you and your family will use the spaces in your home deserves careful attention. A home that best suits your family's lifestyle and needs will ensure a good fit.

With the many aspects to consider, from aesthetics to practical,  it makes sense to have your home custom designed. 

Your home will no doubt be one of the most important investments you will ever make.  Your decision to have your next home custom designed should be based on what your needs and desires are for a "home". Your contractor should be an experienced craftsman who is commited to delivering one-of-a-kind custom home designs that exceed expectations.
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